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Community Cup: Oklahoma City Presented by GrowCast and Sherweed Forest

Bringing Community Back to Cannabis

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A Day Of Cannabis Education

Knowledge is power! Prepare for a day of world class cannabis-cultivation education, from the world’s leading experts in their field. Learn about nutrient dynamics from Brandon Rust, JADAM from OKCalyxx, and much more! From beginner level to advanced growers- The Community Cup has something for everyone. See our presentation schedule below.

People's Choice Cup

At The Community Cup, we give the POWER to the PEOPLE! That means YOU can participate as a judge and sample 14 different flower submissions over the course of 14 days. Enjoy and critique the samples, then vote for the BEST in the first ever Community Cup! Who will take home the trophy? *OK medical card required to enter as a judge*

Homegrower Showcase

We LOVE our home growers! Each ticket to The Community Cup (General Admission or Judges Pass) entitles you to a FREE entry into our Homegrower Showcase! Bring 7g of your favorite home grown strain, and display them at our Showcase Table. Community Cup speakers will be looking over the submissions, choosing their favorite samples, and handing out prizes as trophies!

A day of education, food, flower, and fun!

Come learn to grow your own organic flower and vegetables at home, and participate in the cup!

It’s the first ever Community Cup: Oklahoma! All are welcome- smokers, growers, and cannabis enthusiasts of all types. Come on down for an amazing day full of education, fun, food and flower!

At The Community Cup, we give the POWER to the PEOPLE: YOU can participate as a judge in the first ever Community Cup… As a judge, you’ll get to sample a variety of licensed cultivator’s flower on site and vote for the best! Who will win the very first people’s choice Community Cup?!

Homegrower Showcase: Bring your home grown flower to submit to the Community Cup Team, and win accolades for best overall flower, judges favorites, strongest aroma, and more! Which home grower will take home the most accolades?!

Cultivation Education: Prepare for mind-blowing education from a world-class lineup of expert Oklahoma Cultivators. From the very beginner basics, to highly advanced cultivation science, our jam packed day of education will up-level your gardening skills and set you up for success.

Food, Flower, and Fun: Food and drink on site, open consumption, and plenty of flower to share! Come on down and experience the cannabis community as it was meant to be. The Community Cup, bringing community back to cannabis!

General Admission Ticket: $20

Includes access to the event space and cultivation education for the entire day! Bring your own home grown flower to enter into our homegrown showcase!

Community Cup Judge Ticket: $99

Includes full access to the event plus a flight of 14 different locally grown strains provided by licensed cultivators. Sample them all over the course of 14 days and vote for the best!

For information on obtaining an out of state medical license, please read the information here. 

For inquiries on entering The Community Cup as a competitor, or sponsor and support opportunities, please use the contact form below!

Community Cup OKC

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Community Cup Presentations

11:00 AM - 11:30 AM Pharmerjohn: Veggie Growing 101

This home veggie crash course will teach you everything you need to know to get started growing your own vegetables organically at home!

11:30 - 12:00 Jordan River and Kyle from FOOP: My First Cannabis Grow

Never grown your own medical flower at home? This presentation will give you all the knowledge required to grow your own, and be on your way to becoming a master gardener.

12:00 - 12:30 Soil Guru: Sustainability from the Soil Up

Learn to mix your own organic soil perfectly for home gardening, and employ sustainable practices to help heal the environment while you grow!

12:30 - 1:00 - Thunderwalker: TBA


1:00 - 1:30 - Touched by Cannabis: Natural Farming Lifestyle

Beyond just gardening, create a lifestyle that works in harmony with nature and gives back to the ecosystem.

1:30 - 2:00 - Nik Nikolayev: Understanding Carbon Sequestration

Carbon- the overlooked element! Nik will be deeply exploring the important functions of carbon both in the air and in the soil, as well as how to maximize your garden's health through understanding carbon.

2:00 - 2:30 - OKCalyxx: Organics- Life and Practice, Form and Function

Grow your own way, organically! OKCalyxx will give you the confidence to begin gardening organically, in a method that suits your environment. He will also share some amazing life lessons that can be learned from pursuing the path of natural farming!

2:30 - 3:00 - Brandon Rust: Nutrient Dynamics

Strap in for this plant nutrition deep dive and develop a more complete understanding of how a plant photosynthesizes and takes up the multitude of vital minerals that it needs to thrive!

When and Where

Date and time
Sun, May 7, 2023, 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM CDT

OKC Farmers Public Market 311 South Klein Avenue Oklahoma City, OK 73108


What are the competitions?

There are two flower competitions. There is the People’s Choice Cup for the licensed cultivators, and there is the Homegrower’s Showcase.
Those with a judge’s pass will be sampling and judging 14 submissions from licensed cultivators- while the homegrow showcase is judged by the event speakers.

Licensed Cultivator: How do I sign up to compete in the community cup?

For more info and to sign up as a licensed cultivator please use this form. We are limited at 14 contestants on a first come, first serve basis. There will be 100 participating people’s judges to choose the winner for the competition. 

Homegrown Showcase: How much do I need to bring?

7 grams.

Homegrown Showcase: How do I enter?

Since it’s the COMMUNITY CUP – entry into the Homegrower Showcase is FREE. All you need to do is bring 7 grams of your home grown flower, limit to one official entry. You’ll need to purchase a general admission ticket for entry into the event, you can purchase tickets here. 

Homegrown Showcase: Do I need an Oklahoma Medical card to showcase?

An Oklahoma Medical card is needed to compete in the showcases, but NOT to attend. If you have an out of state license you can apply ahead of time for a temp OK card. For more information on out of state medical cards read the information here: 

How do I get to judge entries?

if you’d also like to JUDGE the official licensed cultivation entries, you can grab a judges pass as well and receive a 14 gram flight for you to sample and judge over the course of 14 days. Judge passes can be purchased here. An Oklahoma Medical Card is required to participate as a judge. For information on out of state licenses, please read here.

Licensed Cultivator: How do I sign up to compete in the community cup?

Licensed cultivators can sign up using this form to be considered. We are limited at 14 contestants. There will be 100 participating people’s judges to choose the winner for the competition. 

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Community Cup OKC

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