GrowCast Seed Co Grand Pheno Hunt

Presented by Rhizo Rich

Grand Pheno Hunt!

The GrowCast Grand Pheno Hunt gives growers JUST LIKE YOU the chance to find that unicorn pheno- and cash in with a $1,000 GRAND PRIZE! This Community Pheno Hunt is a GrowCast Membership exclusive, with only 150 spots available, so join Membership TODAY, and grab a box as soon as they drop!

Join in on the Grand Pheno Hunt! Information below…

Here’s How The Hunt Works:

🌱Pheno Hunters will hunt through a special edition Pheno Hunt Box. The box contains THREE STRAINS, labeled blindly as R, Z and O. There are 4 seeds per strain, totaling 12 seeds per grower. Limit one box per household.

🌱All seeds are regular photoperiod genetics. Flowering times range between 8 and 12 weeks.

🌱Pop your seeds immediately and start posting updates in the Grand Pheno Hunt Discord Channel. We will be giving away prizes for the whole duration of the challenge within the channel, so be sure to update regularly!

🌱The challenge will run for about 6 months as we observe the different phenos. Then, the top three finalists will be selected, and we will PERSONALLY visit the final three until we make our selection. The grand prize winner will take home A THOUSAND DOLLARS! We also have a TON of special prizes to give out during the contest, so get in on the action and post frequently!

You MUST pop the seeds before July 1 and update us in the channel in order to be part of the competition and get your shot at the $1,000!

You MUST take a rooted cutting of the winning cut in order to win the grand prize!

You don’t need to pop them ALL but we recommend you do for best odds to win. This contest is for USA and Canada ONLY.

Here’s How to Join the Hunt:
🌱Pheno Hunt Boxes go live on Saturday, May 25 at 4:20pm

🌱Sign up for a GrowCast Membership, and send us a DM in Patreon saying you’re here for the hunt (we will refund your join fee)

🌱Scroll down and see the pinned post titled “Grand Pheno Hunt,” use the link and secret code there to get your Pheno Hunter Box for just $20. You box is your official ticket into the hunt.

🌱Join the Members Only Discord and post regular updates of your garden in the Grand Pheno Hunt channel! Post pics, and win prizes, it’s that simple!

The Grand Prize Winner will have their cut be used by Rhizo Rich in his breeding work, and credited to the winner for the rest of time!


We LOVE to give regular home growers just like you the chance to WIN BIG with your unicorn pheno! Most importantly, we want to bring our community closer together, and grow along with each other- because with GrowCast, you’ll never grow alone!

Super special thank you to Rhizo Rich and Team GrowCast for making this hunt possible! Best of luck to you all : )

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