GrowCast + Flowerpharm Homegrowing 101

Setting Up Your Outdoor Garden

-Understanding plant growth
-Three M’s: Minerals, Microbes, and Moisture
-Synthetic fertilizer
-Lighting in your outdoor garden
-Selecting soil and pot size
-Dealing with heat and heavy sun
-What to plant and when

Growing Your Own Cannabis Indoors

-Grows like any other plant
-Three M’s still apply, different mineral needs
-Three stages of growth: Seeding, veg, and bloom
-Photoperiod vs autoflowers
-Males and females

Getting Started
-Setting up a grow space (AC Infinity tents and kits use code GROWCAST15)
-Light tight space
-Earthboxes = the easiest way to grow organic!
-Popping seeds
-Seedling stage

Let’s Grow!
-Dialing in environment (temp, humidity, proper airflow)
-Veg stage nutritional needs
-Pruning and veg care
-Preparing for flip

Flowering Time
-Preparing for the stretch
-Support your plants early
-Flowering nutritional needs

Chop Chop!
-Preparing for harvest
-Chop and hang
-Optimal drying
-Curing to perfection

Keep On Growin’
-Expand, but don’t stress
-Breed your own strains
-Never stop learning
-See how you can serve the industry

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