GrowCast Member Meetups

Meet Growmies in Your Local Area

GrowCast Members are meeting up all around the country!

As part of GrowCast Membership, you’ll meet many local growmies after joining a regional chapter.

Our “Meetups and Classes” channel in our Member Server is the perfect place to connect with growers in your area.

Here’s how:
-Post in the meetup channel and include your city/location  info if you are looking to simply meetup with other members to smoke, trade, chat growing, etc.
-If there is a NON GrowCast Cannabis EVENT in your area, and you’d like to meet other members there, post the flyer for the event and TAG your local chapter with the @ function
-Or, if you’d like to REALLY get the party popping in your area, DM @ProducerJay to apply to host an OFFICIAL GrowCast Member Meetup! See below for more details.

Hosting an Official GrowCast Meetup
We love big regional meetups, and at GrowCast we do it right! Here are the guidelines and steps for hosting an official GrowCast Meetup in your area:
1: Find a venue. Look locally for cannabis friendly space that would be willing to host our event, either free of charge or in exchange for promotion. Note, Official GrowCast Meetups cannot take place at private residences.
2: Decide on a theme. Meetups need a theme or attraction, so add a little spice to the event! This can be something charity oriented like a toy drive or food drive, something trade oriented like a seed swap, or something fun like a joint rolling contest.
3: Lock a date in the GC Calendar. Once you have a venue and a theme, DM @ProducerJay in Discord and coordinate the best date for the event. Once it’s locked in, team GrowCast can help by creating a flyer, doing promotions, and notifying any GrowCast Guests in the area to attend.

GrowCast hosts more meetups and classes than anyone in the cannabis space, and we are always trying to find ways to streamline the process of connecting growers around the nation. We appreciate you members who help facilitate these events, and push forward our mission to get as many people growing as possible- so we can overgrow the nation!

Thank you Members, and I’ll see you at the next event!

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