The Order Referral Program

You can now earn AMAZING prizes for referring new members to The Order of Cultivation, with our incredible “Reeferal” program!

Here’s how it works:
-Tell a grower about The Order, and sign them up at
-Get them in our Community Discord via the Patreon Welcome Video
-Tag them in a Discord post and tag @JordanRiver to claim your referral prize
-Your friend gets 30 days free, and you get DOPE prizes! The more you refer, the better the prizes!

Referral Prizes:
1st Referral = 1 Month Free Access
2nd Referral = 1 Merch of Your Choice
3rd Referral = 1 GrowCast Seed Co Pack of Your Choice
4th Referral = 1 GrowCast Wish*

*A GrowCast wish can be used for any request within reason, i.e. a discontinued pack (if still in our vault), a dinner with Wolfman, 1 on 1 consult with Rhizo Rich, etc.

*Referrals do not count during free trial access, must be a Patreon member to take advantage of Referral Program

*Spouses/significant others do not count towards Referral Program, spouses/SOs are entitled to FREE ACCESS with a Patreon Membership, simply DM @ProducerJay in the Discord to claim free spouse access

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