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Chapters, Ranks, & Guilds Explained
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What are Regional Chapters?

The Order of Cultivation has several sub-groups based on region. Joining these groups allows you to easily connect with growers near your location, so you can meet new growmigos, make trades, and get personal help in your garden.

We’ve also got The Underground Chapter for all those growers who are uncomfortable sharing their location (although we intentionally keep them broad for this reason).

Here is our current list of Regional Chapters:

-🏙️East Coast Chapter
-🐊Southeast Chapter
-👨‍🌾Midwest Chapter
-🐂Great Plains Chapter (Includes Oklahoma)
-⛰️Rocky Mountain Chapter
-🌵Southwest Chapter
-🌲West Coast Chapter
-🦘Australia Chapter
-🇬🇧UK Chapter
-🇪🇺EU Chapter
-🤫Underground Chapter

*These badges appear both next to your name in Discord chat, and in your server profile when people click on you.

How do I Join a Chapter?

Join our Discord (instructions to join HERE) and direct message @ProducerJay. Find him in the list of members to the right, click his profile, and click send message. Include the Chapter you’d like to join, and he will add you!

Why Join a Chapter?

Joining a Chapter brings several benefits with it- most importantly it’s an easy way to identify growers within the Discord, as your Chapter Badge appears next to your name. You can also @ mention entire chapters, which helps members mobilize for activism, events, and more.

How do Ranks Work?

Our newly revamped Ranking System allows you to earn cool unique badges and even prizes in our Discord Community! Complete the achievements below to receive special Ranks within The Order, and make sure to enter our weekly Discord giveaways to earn even more unique badges…

Here’s a breakdown Ranks and how to achieve them:

🎤Voice Chat Hero: Hang out in our live voice chat enough and you’ll be awarded this dope badge…

Coffee Haus Hero: A badge for members who posts frequently in the Coffee Haus channel.

🦅Freedom Farmer: Help others with their garden problems in our Discord to earn this special tag…

🎩Swag Master: Show off your GrowCast or The Order swag and get this swanky tag!

🦏Seed Co Soldier: Those who grow the most GrowCast Seed Co Genetics receive this coveted Rhino tag…

What are Guilds?

Whereas Regional Chapters indicate location, and Ranks indicate engagement in the community- Guilds are more centered around an idea or a mission.

Your Guild name will appear in your Discord profile with the <Carrot Brackets> around it to distinguish you as a full fledged Guild Member when people click your profile.

To join a Guild, select ONE from the list below, and then DM @ProducerJay in our Discord requesting to join that guild!

Are you all about earth friendly gardening practices and regenerative agriculture? Then join the Nature’s Guardians Guild and show your love for the Earth! Or how about The Landrace Preservation Guild- for those who love growing and cataloging heirloom cannabis strains…

Here is our current list of Guilds:

-🛡️<Nature’s Guardians>🌲

A guild dedicated to Earth friendly farming practices, putting environmental sustainability first whenever possible

-🧬<Landrace Preservation Guild>🌎

This guild is all about collecting, documenting, and preserving rare genetics from far away lands, specifically untouched heirloom varieties

-🥥<Coco Growers Gang>🥥

A guild designed just for those who grow in coco coir and love it

-🍄<Plant Medicine Guild>🌱

If you consume cannabis medicinally, and love all things plant medicine, this Guild is for you!

-🖕<The FTF Guild>🖕
The perfect guild for those with extraordinary distaste to the law enforcement officials who criminalize growing plants

-🧪<Synganic Guild> 🧪
This guild is for those who love mixing organic and synthetic growing practices, believing that a hybrid style makes for the best garden

Want to Start a Guild?

Got an idea for a guild? DM @ProducerJay in the Discord with your suggestion! Include your possible Guild name, the mission or idea around it, and why you think it should be created! We are very picky about our Guilds, but all suggestions are welcome.

Other Discord Roles:

Here you will find a key for the many other tags that you see in Discord and what they mean:

High Council: Indicates an Order of Cultivation Team Member

🔺Ordinator: Moderator, comes with admin capabilities

🔥Canna Contributor: A content and/or prize provider in Discord, comes with Presentation Room capabilities

🐺GrowPass OG: A member who joined back when membership was called GrowPass

👑GrowPass Royalty: A founding member of GrowPass, our most beloved members <3

Purple Champ: A member who won a Purple Challenge contest!

🎖️Canna Veteran: A special tag for those who have served in the military, in the USA or abroad.

🦨Skunk Hunter: Those who participated in our 2022 community pheno hunt receive this stank skunk tag.

😴Sleepy Boi: A tag reserved for those who fall asleep in voice chat- Zzz….

Regional Chapter Emojis:

🏙️East Coast Chapter
🐊Southeast Chapter
👨‍🌾Midwest Chapter
🐂Great Plains Chapter (Includes Oklahoma)
⛰️Rocky Mountain Chapter
🌵Southwest Chapter
🌲West Coast Chapter
🦘Australia Chapter
🇬🇧UK Chapter
🇪🇺EU Chapter
🤫Underground Chapter

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