Grow Your Own Wake n Bake Workshop

Florida Wake n Bake Workshop

Understanding How All Plants Grow
-Photosynthesis: Turning sunlight into energy
-Minerals, microbes, and moisture: Three keys to healthy plants
-The soil food web: More than just bacteria
-Bottled nutrients: Big shortcut, bigger drawbacks

How to grow your own at home
-The easiest way to grow: Soil in SIPs
-Garden design and build-out: Perfect Planning Avoids…
-Choosing what to grow? Demand, cost, and environment

Growing hemp and cannabis
-Home grow indoor setup for photoperiods
-Outdoor growing and auto flowers
-The state and future of Florida cannabis
-Maximizing terpene production

Garden secrets
-Carbon, humic acids, and plant health: The building block
-Microbiological diversity rules: Stimulating your plant
-Consistency and homeostasis: Optimize health and production


-Create a holistic strategy: Don’t spray and pray
-Quarantine and prevention is 90%: Enemy at the gates
-Use natural sprays: SO many good options!

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