Four EASY Ways to Extract Trim, PLUS Breeding Update, with Rhizo Rich

Posted on May 8th, 2023 to Transcripts

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Jordan River 0:00
Greetings cultivators from around the world Jordan River here back at you with more GrowCast and more dyno meet. Today we are on the line with Rhizo Rich. He’s talking about his breeding projects and we’re getting into simple extraction methods. This is something that I’ve realized that a lot of growers, if you’re like me, are sitting on a lot of trim, is there a gallon bag full of trim in your freezer, a couple of ziplock gallon bags. Listen, you got to take care of that stuff. We’re going to encourage you to extract those sugar leaves at home easily into a couple different options so that you can enjoy that plant material. And don’t let it sit in your freezer for five years. So easy extractions at home, this is going to be a dope episode. I know you’re gonna love it. Before we jump into it though, shout out to AC Infinity, baby. code GROWCAST15 to get your savings and keep the lights on here at GrowCast. We appreciate your support and we love AC Infinity. They make the best grow tents around, extra thick poles. They’ve got nice durable, thick siding. Now they have the new side ports. People have been asking for those in AC Infinity list and plus they’ve got everything else you need to grow. They’ve got lights, and pots and fans, and they’re oscillating fans to Cloudray system, check out their humidifiers, the CloudForge. How nice is your humidifier, maybe it’s time to replace that. The Cloudrays are my favorite oscillators on the market. And of course their Cloud line series, what they got it all started with all those years ago when we were partners with AC Infinity. All they made were those inline fans and they’re the best in the game. So shout out to the entire AC Infinity suite, they’ve got everything you need to get grown from fans to tents, to lights. Code GROWCAST15 works at You support us and you’re getting some badass durable grow gear while you’re doing it. So thank you to all you listeners using code GROWCAST15 and thank you to AC Infinity. All right everyone, thank you for listening and enjoy the show.

Hello podcast listeners you are now listening to GrowCast. I’m your host Jordan River and I want to thank you for tuning in again today. Before we get started as always, I urge you to share the show, tell someone about GrowCast is the best way that you can help us out, turn someone on to the show, turn someone on to growing. It’s overgrow nation everybody and see everything that we are doing at You’ll find the events, you’ll find the seeds, you’ll find the membership, it’s all up there. Speaking of which, speaking of seeds and membership, we have on the line, the head breeder of GrowCast Seed Co. The luminary in the Order of Cultivation and just a very very talented longtime friend cultivator, Rhizo Rich is back on the line. What’s up, Rich?

Rhizo Rich 2:38
What’s going on Jordan? How you doing, man?

Jordan River 2:40
I’m doing good. Good to have you back on the show, bro. How are you doing?

Rhizo Rich 2:42
Doin’ awesome. Just enjoying this beautiful Saturday hoping it doesn’t rain. Kind of looks like it’s going to but it’s the weather’s otherwise is awesome.

Jordan River 2:51
You’re just chillin man, you are just chillin. Now, I do want to ask you, you have been hard at work on a hunt. And man, people have been asking about this. Now today’s episode is about extraction. We have multiple ways for you to extract specifically your trim. And use that trim and turn it into a product that you’re going to love and enjoy. You know, I see a lot of people stockpiling a lot of trim, stick it in their freezer, nothing ever gets done with it. So this episode, I wanted to show the listeners four easy ways to extract flower or shake and use that material. So today’s about easy extraction. That’s what this episode is all about. However, I want to kick it off first talking about this hunt. Because people have been interested, people have been dying to know which male you’re going to select out of this hunt. What can you tell us about this most recent hunt and the males they’re in?

Rhizo Rich 3:44
Yeah, so I mean this most recent one, like we talked about before I got a bunch of shit going on. I got a bunch of our stuff, a bunch of our new fans, some tectonic truffle, but I also have a bunch of stuff by other breeders like Exotic Genetics, Relentless Genetics, this other smaller breeder who made a cross, I believe it is Pure Michigan and Dyno Meat. I got just a bunch of really awesome new crosses going on in this hunt and I’m super super excited about but I’ve also been you know eyeing all the males that have been popping up in this hunts as well and tossing them as I’m going along ones I don’t like all that good stuff. But so far, this past week I’ve been eyeing three particularly one is a Rhino Butter which is by us, which is a White Truffle S1 cross the pancakes. The other one is a Frost Cakes which is a Truffle Cake cross.

Jordan River 4:40
Oh man! That I was hoping for.

Rhizo Rich 4:43
Yeah, that one looks absolutely amazing. And then there is an Apes in Space by Exotic Genetics and that one I believe is a, man I got a couple of his things going but I want to say this one is the Grease Monkey or Falcon nine cross to Grease Monkey. I don’t remember what one comes first. I’d have to look it up.

Jordan River 5:06
I got you. I’m looking it up right now. That sounds good though dude. I like the Space Monkey quite a bit. Apes in Space is Exotic Genetics. And it’s created by crossing Falcon nine to Grease Monkey sorry, I said Space Monkey because I was thinking Apes in Space. Its Falcon9 x Grease Monkey. You got it.

Rhizo Rich 5:23
Yeah, and I want to say there’s like some, some cookies and cream in there. Some diesel, a couple other things which would explain why I’m kind of becoming partial to this plant. I do like that. It’s in the Oreoz..

Jordan River 5:40
It’s a family tree that includes cannabis all stars such as original diesel, Girl Scout cookies, and Gorilla Glue.

Rhizo Rich 5:46
Yeah, there’s some good ones in there. So and honestly looking at this male, it was the last one out of that strain, you know, seeds that I pop. The last one to show male that’s good on the structure on it is absolutely amazing though, that is the the main thing that’s been drawing me to it is its structure and its smell it just absolutely reeks. So far as the flowers structure on it, it is flowering. And the flowers structures is just super tight. You know, really dense, like working male flowers. There’s some frost on there. So it’s checking the boxes for me, it’s something I’m considering using for the next project. And I’m definitely leaning toward it. I would like to use maybe the frost cakes or the rhino butter. Um, the only thing that’s kind of pushing me away from that possibly is that the last couple pollination I’ve done a lot of stuff with truffles. So I don’t really want to keep pounding it and people don’t know bored with it or you know, I know it’s a great one and I’m sure it would still be amazing and I’m still on the fence about it but I’m kind of leaning toward the Apes in Space just because it’s different. It sounds like you know the the lineage on it sounds like it’s going to hit some gassy stuff as well as maybe some fruity and some other things so there might be a little bit of something for everybody, you know with that one whereas truffle is pretty dominant.

Jordan River 7:14
More specific and pretty dominant. The frost cakes is amazing though dude. I’ll tell you exactly. A cross of truffle has come out so good. People have handed me frost cakes that have blown my f***ing mind dude, berries frost cakes was super unique hands cold frost cake was out of this world. I really liked that strategy.

Rhizo Rich 7:32
It’s definitely some like GMO type. Dynos going around in that.

Jordan River 7:37
We do it brings a nice sweet to funky, skunky, fart, body odor, mushroom low end of truffle so I wouldn’t be mad at any of those. I would like to hear from the audience. The rhino butter is incorrect.

Rhizo Rich 7:51
I’ve been curious to see what listeners and stuff think. You know for me it’s really probably more between the Apes in Space and the frost cakes. [I agree] Just because I’m more drawn to those two, the rhino butter does look absolutely amazing too though but but you know out of the three those two are probably my top and then I’m leaning toward the apes right now just because it’s something different and it’s always nice to do something different, you know.

Jordan River 8:15
Yeah, I like that to be honest but man that frost cakes male, I might have you just like you know do you have a cutof it? Like set aside some pollens. I don’t know.

Rhizo Rich 8:24
Yeah, I keep them around so we can always do something with them in the future for sure. I’m gonna keep it around and I’m gonna keep the rhino butter around too and clone form just because I you know after doing a little hunt with them and finding a male I like I hate to just disregard.

Jordan River 8:39
Wow, dude, that’s really exciting. People are going to be super stoked to hear that. Deep into the next pollination already. What are some of the standout females before we get into today’s topic of extraction? What are some of the standout females you want to talk about?

Rhizo Rich 8:51
Oh man, I’m really loving and not just because I made it, the Truffle Cake Oreoz. Also the Slurricane Oreoz.

Jordan River 8:58
Oh, really? Cookie storm and Truffle Shuffle. Both looking good?

Rhizo Rich 9:02
Oh, yeah, they look absolutely amazing. I’m super impressed by those. The smells coming off of the cookie truffle shuffle are amazing. There’s lots of gassy, there’s even some skunky ones. There’s some that are sweeter as well. But mainly I’m seeing really raunchy, funky, gassy stuff going on with those. So, which is what I was after. So I’m super stoked on all the finos of those I have going. Yeah, those picky Truffle Shuffle was probably the number one thing I wanted to throw this on just because it’s new. And like I’ve said before, I love that truffle cake too. And I love the Oreoz. So putting those two together. Nobody’s done that yet. So I’m just dying to see how those finish off and what they end up looking like just because it’s new, you know.

Jordan River 9:45
Yeah, no kidding, man. That’s a beautiful combination to the Oreoz with the truffle cake. Two frost monsters, makes sense that those would accentuate each other. Well, Nice, dude. I’m excited.

Rhizo Rich 9:56
Yeah, I got some beautiful, tectonic truffles to them I’m eyeing so it’ll be it’ll be my first run with a tectonic and I’ve seen so many beautiful ones that it’s exciting to see all the I got a couple of females that are tectonics so it’s exciting to see what all those will do as well.

Jordan River 10:12
Yeah, that tectonic was insane and my tent, smelled like peach acetone or like peach schnapps. Really, really like stringent and then sweet peach flavor. And it finished so fast, it took after the truffle cake. Because mine was done in like eight weeks flat and I mean done done not just like, oh, you can chop it like it was done done in eight weeks. So that’s what I like about that tech truffle quite a bit. I want to hunt through more though, because they I that cut is still in the possession of some members, but I think I could hunt an even crazier one.

Rhizo Rich 10:44
Yeah, I haven’t seen one bad you know, and that loss actually.

Jordan River 10:46
Yeah, exactly. They all come out fucking fire. It makes me want to hunt through more, you know.

Rhizo Rich 10:51

Jordan River 10:53
If that’s what all the packs are poppin, what is the unicorn look like?

Rhizo Rich 10:56
I know, no shit. I’m thinking so many I think are unicorn so it would be interesting to see the the quote unquote the one.

Jordan River 11:05
Yeah, right. I would like to hunt through more of those if we have time. We have so much good work dude. There’s never enough time to hunt through all your work. I still want to get back to some of those doo doo butt lines and hunt through my monster like you’ve got some really good shit that people are still popping through.

Rhizo Rich 11:21
I appreciate it, man. I love seeing everybody’s pictures through, everybody’s doing such awesome work with the screencast.

Jordan River 11:26
Seed Co channels f***ing nuts. Shout out to all members, baby. But yeah, so there’s the Seed Co update, everybody. I know you guys like to hear that when Rhizo Rich comes on the show guys see what’s going on with pollination. These guys see what’s going on with the drops. And this sounds like a good one. Let us know what you think, you know, hit us on Instagram or there’s a contact form on the website, get a hold of us. By the way that contact form was broken for a minute. So if you wrote and we didn’t write back, we weren’t ignoring you. The Contact form broke. It’s fixed now. Go ahead and shoot us in. Choose your thoughts. Let us know what you think about these males and what you’d like to see. I want to hear from the listeners. Oh man, so it is a sleepy Saturday. You know, it’s a perfect day to extract some cannabis. Rich, do you agree with what I said at the top of the episode? Are you guilty of this, you trim, you’ve got some beautiful sugar leaves all cut up. You swipe them into a bag, you stick them in your freezer and there they sit for 1 2 3 plus years.

Rhizo Rich 12:23
Yeah, I’m definitely guilty of that. You know, another thing I have going on too is a collection of finger and scissor hash especially you know now with all the. Yeah, with all the breeding you know, I’m literally taking like home harvests and just breaking them up like rubbing them with my hands to get seeds out. So it’s a little bit different than like a head stash harvest where you know, you might get some scissor or finger hash but it’s not going to be a ton. With breeding, you definitely get quite a bit so I’ve been rolling those off, I save them, I put them in a little vacuum seal bag and then I throw them in the freezer so I got a big collection of these like hash balls in the freezer.

Jordan River 13:05
That sounds amazing, dude! People are gonna want that. I want that.

Rhizo Rich 13:09
I don’t know why I’ve been doing it. I just I didn’t have a heart to throw it out and when I was looking at you know the balls and then after I you know roll them up I’m like it would be good you know when I make an RSO or something to throw these in as just a little something extra you know into the alcohol you know, some extra oil in there or smoke them if you want you know so there’s there’s a lot of options to do with those fun.

Jordan River 13:35
I can’t wait to go over it. We’re gonna go over Rich’s RSO recipe in this episode. He’s been making and giving away RSO he won’t talk about this, but he’s given away so much RSO to sick people, people who have cancer or members who have loved ones that have cancer. We really do in the Gods work with that RSO man. So we’re literally going to break down that recipe. But I want to start from the beginning, I guess, I’d like to start from what I think is one of the most requested kind of extraction methods, and also one of the ones that really intimidates people. But Goddamn, I am encouraging everyone to try it. I’ve done this before on the show, but this is your call to action, folks. I’m talking about Bubble Hash. And if you’ve been thinking about making a Bubble Hash, if you’re one of these people who has all that shake in the freezer, and you’d like a good smokeable hash, you have got to buy some bubble bags and just try it. It’s so much easier than you would think before you tried it. I’ve only done it a couple of times. And I was certainly intimidated by it beforehand. But in reality, it’s super, super simple. And so this is your call to action to make Bubble Hash for the first time. Rich, you’ve done some Bubble Hash extraction in the past, right?

Rhizo Rich 14:42

Jordan River 14:43
So I guess we could just I mean, we could go go through the process. There’s a lot of good online tutorials that you can find with video instructions, but I do just want to give people the long and short of it, you know. You grab these bubble bags, they act as filters. You lay them on top of each other so it’s a bunch of bags on top of each other in a bucket. And what you end up doing is you put this material like your shake or whole buds into the bags which are sitting in the bucket, you add ice, which chills them, usually they’re frozen already. And what that’s doing is freezing those trichrome heads and making them brittle. So you can knock off the trichomes, which filter through the bags, leave out all the green shit and all the leaves and all the bad shit. And then through the bags, all you get are those pure trichome heads, which is going to be your your hash in the end. So it’s a super easy process, you know, you’re stirring it with a paddle, you’re kind of agitating it gently to get those heads to knock off. And again, there’s a lot of good resources online to follow along. But I’m just telling you, don’t be intimidated. And start today. So we’re gonna give you a few tips and a few pointers if you’re going to start with the bubble bags. And that’s what I’ll say the first thing is, don’t stress a machine. A lot of people are like, oh, I need a washing machine to wash all this for me. Use a hand paddle. All my favorite hash makers do that anyways, they say it’s the best. The only time I’d say a machine is superior is if you got arthritis or something like that, right? And it’s not easy for you to stir. Otherwise, I would say, yo, grab some Mr. Dude, bubble bags, their cheapest f***, grab a five gallon bucket and a wooden spoon and get started. So what do you think Rich? Do you have any tips? Was that some good advice that I just gave? What are your thoughts?

Rhizo Rich 16:25
Yeah, beautiful man. A couple tips I would say is your ice water and your material, I would stir that or agitate that in a bucket first, and then dump it into a second bucket that has your bags, just to you know, keep as much particulate out as you can of your bags, it’ll just make it easier to see you’re not agitating stuff inside of your bags and possibly ripping them or anything. Also, probably the biggest tip, I’d say for washing, which is one of the reasons I don’t really wash anymore, or that frequent. You know, I have buddies that wash and have freeze dryers, so I’ll give stuff to them. But mainly it’s my main tip would be is getting good bags, there are cheap bags you can get, I’ve used them they work, they just don’t work as well. I recommend getting some really nice bags, if you can get the ones that are mesh all around, not the ones that are just mesh on the bottom. Just because it’s going to drain a lot faster and a lot easier. They’re all mesh. Last few times I ran Bubble Hash myself, I was waiting hours for those bags to drain the water. Because only the very bottom of the bag was mash. And it would just fill up and it would just take forever to get through there. And I remember thinking it would be awesome if they had all mesh bags, called my buddy. And he’s like, sure they make them. You’re gonna spend a little bit extra money on the nicer bags, but they’re gonna give you better quality in the long run and products. And they’re gonna just make life a lot easier for you.

Jordan River 18:06
Yeah, that actually goes in well with our next segment. But you’re right, the durable bags, because otherwise you’re just gonna rip one. And then it’s like, f***, I have all these bags, one has a hole in it. And now you need to get a whole new set.

Rhizo Rich 18:17
Yes, and I totally agree on the washing machine. It’s not a necessary thing. You don’t need the washing machine to make hash, you can just do it in a bucket with a paddle like you said, and usually that’s the best stuff. You can use the washing machine, but it’s just another expensive piece of equipment, you really don’t need that. You could be putting that money towards other things.

Jordan River 18:38
And don’t shy away from this because you don’t have a freeze dryer, but the freeze dryer is going to increase that overall quality. So don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t look like your buddies who has the $3,000 freeze dryer. Now I am going to have Jen Doe on the podcast who’s an air drying specialist not because I think it’s necessarily optimal or not optimal but because most people don’t have freeze dryers. Yeah, so that’s going to be a good episode coming up. But yeah, I mean, it’s real simple right? Those bags acting as filters it makes perfect sense. You freeze the trichrome heads, you agitate the materials so they bust off and then they just fall down through those holes as far as they can go. Now here’s a big tip that sounds like a stupid one. Make sure you arrange your bags in the correct order. You can put harsh backwards because you want the right because you want the largest hole size on top obviously and the finest one on bottom. So if you do it in reverse nothing goes through the first time that we washed me and Scoops and Nick we put it backwards so don’t put your bubble bags backwards.

Rhizo Rich 19:41
Yeah, that would suck man.

Jordan River 19:46
But yeah, I mean it’s easy. I again, I give you the green light go and purchase those bags now Amazon whatever. Grab some nice ones if you can afford them. And all you need is ice and a paddle and your material. Get that material out of your freezer.

Rhizo Rich 20:00
One more good tip, for the whole freeze dryer thing. If you don’t have a freeze dryer, like you were saying you can do like the air dry microplane method. So you still get like a lighter color. But if you want to get an even lighter color without a freeze dryer, you can get these things called Buckner funnels and like a vacuum, like a vacuum pump, you know, like you could find at a hardware store or whatever, and you fill up the Buchner funnel with the wet hash. There’s whole tutorials online to do it, it’ll basically pull out that moisture, a lot of air drying without having a freeze dryer, and you can still get very, very light colored rosin or hash with the Buchner funnel. And you can get a Buchner funnel for super cheap on Amazon. And same with a vacuum pump. So you know, you’re talking like 5% of what a freeze dryer would cost or something. So there are some some pretty good tips and tricks to get your Bubble Hash to come out later. Without having to spend five or 3000..

Jordan River 21:01
Buchner funnel. I didn’t even know this thing existed.

Rhizo Rich 21:05
Yeah, they work extremely well. You can use that thing for many, many projects. But one thing I’ve been seeing a lot of people do in the last year so it was a little side tricks not having a freeze dryers are using those.

Jordan River 21:18
Oh shit. Yeah, it’s this little plastic piece. You guys can look at a Buchner funnel. And it’s just a laboratory equipment that is used as filtration.

Rhizo Rich 21:29
Yes. Yeah, works a pastic from what I understand.

Jordan River 21:33
So yeah, go forth and hash everybody. Don’t be scared. I’m trying to think of what other big tips there are. But honestly, it’s it’s f***ing easy you guys. You’re gonna be like, wow, that was easy. And your shits gonna come out really good the first time. Don’t over agitate. Another reason why people say like, don’t get the washers, it’s because it’s over agitation. People say to kind of create like a vortex in there. You know how if you stir in a certain manner, the center kind of sinks down and it creates this vortex, this swirling vortex that’s supposed to be optimal. And just be patient. Just be patient, you don’t need all that much material. It’s not super specific, you know, you can’t have like too much too little. It’s just going to depend on how much comes out sort of thing.

Rhizo Rich 22:13
Make a day of it.

Jordan River 22:14
Make a day of it. Exactly.

Rhizo Rich 22:15
Have some fun, you know.

Jordan River 22:17
I like it, man. And tell us your results. Please go out there and try this and let us know how your first run was. I’ll be pushing people in the Discord as well to, to extract for the first time. Now there’s an even faster method. I’m personally not a huge fan of doing this method. And I’ll say why but I think it’s great as far as a quick extraction method. You grab those same bubble bags, right, Rich, you grab a dry ice block. And yeah, you put your material in one of those bags with a bunch of dry ice, and you just start shaking it. Have you seen the dry ice hash?

Rhizo Rich 22:55
I have. And we would even do this without dry ice and just get the keep the fall out the bottom. But the dry ice is going to make it a lot easier. That’s for sure.

Jordan River 23:03
Oh, good call. So you there. You’re right. It’s like a sifting method. But the dry ice is going to make everything more brittle. And more active.

Rhizo Rich 23:10
You’re totally right on that people have been doing it forever. And it does make the trichromes fall off easier. And you’ll get more it’s super simple method. I’ll be curious to hear what you you’re not a fan of it. I’m not a huge fan of it either. So I’m definitely curious.

Jordan River 23:23
The only reason I’m not a huge fan of it is I keep hearing the same thing, which is it’s hell on your backs. You were just saying last time about getting more durable bags, dude, you’re just shaking around these rocks inside the bag, it’s going to open up the pores, and then eventually it’s going to bust a hole in your bag unless it’s a really sturdy bag. But it’s so much faster. If you see these videos, it’s like holy shit. They throw in their material into a into a screen bubble bag, which essentially is a filter, they throw in chunks of dry ice, they start shaking it and literally you just see the powder dumping out onto the sheet. So it’s like I mean, is there a faster way to extract? I think it’s probably the fastest extraction method.

Rhizo Rich 24:02
It is pretty fast man and pretty simple, you know. It’s not messy either, so far is not having that water running everywhere.

Jordan River 24:09
Totally. You can’t flood the f***ing kitchen on accident. It is a very quick and easy method. The quality isn’t the same as Bubble Hash, but I mean it’s good. It’s a good extraction and as long as you don’t mind beating up your bags a little bit. I think this is a great way to for instance get through all of that shake that’s in your freezer in one afternoon. just busted out. Now be careful when you’re handling that dry ice because dry ice is no joke, that’ll burn the shit out of you. So gloves right and f***ing don’t breathe that shit in either. Just be conscious of that.

Rhizo Rich 24:45
Yeah, and then you can you know throw the leftover remaining in your grow room for a little bit. Let it get all that co2 in the air.

Jordan River 24:54
Good call. Yeah, that co2. That’s gassing off. You can just go and buy dry ice right? How come we’re allowed to buy dry ice that shit’s like..

Rhizo Rich 25:01
Most grocery stores have a little dry ice bridge in the front of them that you can and even like Walmart and shit. It’s actually almost every single Walmart has them. It’s usually up by customer service. It’s like a chess, it’ll say dry so you can buy it by the pound, so you can buy as little or as much as you want.

Jordan River 25:17
Dude, you’re absolutely right. And people will walk by that. Every single Walmart has a dry ice section. I remember grabbing some for this exact thing.

Rhizo Rich 25:25
Yeah, I used to grab it on occasion when my kids were really small. And I would like throw a little piece in the bathtub. So it would bog up and they would just think it was the most amazing thing in the world.

Jordan River 25:37
Yeah, right. That’s, that is the cool thing. And you know what we would, we would have the Halloween party, and my dad would take the dry ice and throw it into all the planters. So there’s like mist pouring off into the you know what I mean?

Rhizo Rich 25:50
Oh my god, what a great idea.

Jordan River 25:52
Totally bro, my dad would do that every Halloween. Spooky fog.

Rhizo Rich 25:57
That would have been perfect for all the gardening.

Jordan River 26:02
Plants love it. Dry ice is just solid carbon dioxide. It’s the solid form of co2, which is pretty crazy.

Rhizo Rich 26:10
Yeah, you can they make little kids, you can make dry ice at home, you just basically need a co2 bottle and this little bag thing and you just let the open up the tank and it shoots into the bag and you collect it into a little little brick or a little square, whatever it is. Got yourself a big chunk of dry ice.

Jordan River 26:33
I only make hash with my homemade dry ice.

Rhizo Rich 26:38
You know, especially filtered co2.

Jordan River 26:42
So maybe that’s a nice little addition to this, which is like, don’t let hash become one of those parts of the cannabis industry right where like, people get their methodology down and they believe in it, which is great, because you know, they’re trying to make the best hash they can, they’re trying to optimize, but we don’t want to come off like snobs to people who are just getting started right. So again, it’s that balance of like, get someone started. Show them the right way. But it doesn’t have to be homemade dry ice.

Rhizo Rich 27:12
Right. Yeah.

Jordan River 27:13
That’s good shit, dude. I’m going to try the dry ice method again, though, because it’s been a long time. And I would like to do some with my more recent harvests and see what comes up.

Rhizo Rich 27:22
You know, I was thinking you could save your bags, we used to do this, we would just take our trim this was like, this is back when I was in North Carolina, we would take it and put it like in an old, I know, I’ve talked about this before an old like pretzel barrel, you know, like the big barrels and buy a bunch of pretzels from the grocery store, they used to sell them, I don’t know, the thing was probably like three gallons size or something. And then we take like, basically pantyhose, or what I would really recommend is like screen printing screen or something that has a really fine micron size screen and stick your shake in there and just take a glass table and clean it off and start shaking that barrel with all the material onto it and collect all your key and, or you know, whatever. And it worked amazing. But if you’re gonna do the dry ice and you don’t want to ruin your bags, maybe do something like that, you know, find a container you don’t give a shit about and and get some you know, fine micron, you can buy like sheets of, you know, that micron material for screen printing, or that they make bags out of or whatever, just find one that’s small enough and attach it to your container and save your bags maybe and do the dry ice method in there.

Jordan River 28:34
That’s a great idea. I wonder what the micron was on something like that. Again, the different microns being the size of the filter itself, right? That’s the that’s the size of the hole between the screens if you’re talking about a screen, and it’s the same thing with a bubble bag, it’s it’s the same idea. It’s just a mesh bag instead of a solid screen. But yeah, they range like, let’s see, what are the kits come with? You’ll buy a kit no range, like all the way from like 25 microns all the way up to like 220. There’s usually like six or eight bags in these kits. And the smaller the micron, the finer the end product. So yeah, that’s interesting. You were doing an old school though. Back before there was you know, bubble dude or whatever. It’s like, hey, let’s use the screen printing. Yeah.

Rhizo Rich 29:19
Yeah, that was like in between harvest or something like that last week before you harvest and you’re down to the nitty gritty shaker.

Jordan River 29:28
So yeah, don’t ever sleep on the dry sift, throw in some dry ice to really spice it up. Be careful handling it and enjoy that super, super fast extraction. I like extractions that are fast. I like extractions that are set it and forget it, right. Quick bonus extraction method. A lot of people do this with their stalks, which is if you get a high grade alcohol and you take like a mason jar, and you take as many stalks as you can stuff it in that mason jar, fill it up with high grade alcohol. cap it off, put it in your freezer, give it a shake maybe once a day, in seven to 10 days you’re going to have a potent tincture full of all the other goodies that are in that plant matter. Everything from plant phenols and cannabinoids and terpenes and who knows what else that seeped out of those stocks into the alcohol. So that’s another quick tincture easy freezer tincture recipe a little bonus for this episode. Love it and I am all about reusing this product however you can because again you’re going to end up with a freezer full of it so let’s clear out those freezers everybody that’s what this episode is all about.

Rhizo Rich 30:33
Make your wife happy.

Jordan River 30:34
Yeah totally.

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I want to get into the f***ing heavy hitting stuff, you know. Some bubble tips, great some dry ice tips. I want to see what you guys make. I want to encourage you guys to get going but let’s get into the f***ing heavy stuff here, man. You make RSO – Rick Simpson oil, this super concentrated, super potent, super medicinal version of cannabis consumption. Do you want to kind of just walk through your RSO process, kind of quickly front to back and then talk about tips and tricks that you might recommend to people?

Rhizo Rich 32:08
Yeah, so you know not to get too technical, but I know there’s gonna be somebody who’s probably thinking that’s listening to this. Technically, what I make is FECO it is basically the exact same thing as RSO just uses different alcohols. [That’s right.] I believe RSO is made using like, dirty or alcohol is like rubbing alcohol shit like that. Whereas FECO is I think it stands for like full extract cannabis oil, you’re using like an Everclear like a food grade alcohol. I do recommend going with a food grade alcohol. You can get Everclear at your liquor store for hella cheap. And it’s going to be a lot higher percentage alcohol than something like a rubbing alcohol.

Jordan River 32:52
Everclear huh? Like what do you what do you buy when you go when you go to walk in and purchase this? What do you, what are you actually purchasing?

Rhizo Rich 32:58
Everclear. It’s literally called Everclear.

Jordan River 33:01
There you go. Like any brand will do sort of thing.

Rhizo Rich 33:04
Yeah, the brand. Just it says Everclear on the label.

Jordan River 33:09
Oh shit. So it’s like it’s like Band Aid.

Rhizo Rich 33:12
Yeah, I don’t know exactly what you’re talking about. There shouldn’t be as far as I know. I don’t think there is any brands. It’s just that, that’s it ever clear.

Jordan River 33:21
Everclear by f***ing Acme?

Rhizo Rich 33:24
Yeah, it’s a really funny looking bottle. It’ll say Everclear on it and grain alcohol. You know, so far as a brand. I mean, Everclear might actually be the name.

Jordan River 33:35
I’m looking it up.

Rhizo Rich 33:36
I don’t know.

Jordan River 33:38
This is a better choice than your rubbing alcohol because it’s like you said it’s food safe?

Rhizo Rich 33:42
Yeah, it’ll just say Everclear on the bottle that you won’t miss it.

Jordan River 33:45
Oh, yeah, right. It is a brand. Everclear is a brand. It’s the original grain alcohol.

Rhizo Rich 33:51
Yeah, it’s the original. There’s only going to be the one as far as I’m aware. I’ve never seen a different one in any stores I’ve ever been in. It’s always the exact same bottle, the exact same one. They always just have that one. There’s not like a choice.

Jordan River 34:04
I did not know that. I thought it was like vodka, you know?

Rhizo Rich 34:07
Yeah, I think I could be wrong here. I think some states do tinker with the alcohol level were somewhere between like, 190 proof and 200. So like, anywhere between 90 and 100% alcohol. It just depends on the state. I could be wrong. They might all be 190 proof. I don’t remember. But usually it’s around 190.

Jordan River 34:29
That’s the hard stuff though.

Rhizo Rich 34:31
Yeah, at any liquor store. Just the good food grade alcohol, usually a half gallon of it’s like 30 bucks or something. It’s pretty f***ing cheap. You know? You can extract a lot with a half gallon of Everclear.

Jordan River 34:44
Okay, great. So you have the Everclear. You have let’s say a f*** ton of shake. And you make it home. Pull it out of your freezer. What next?

Rhizo Rich 34:54
All right, so what I will do is find a big jar or just a big container I can seal up, I will fill it up with all the material I want to use to make the RSO with so whatever shake, you know pieces of stems, whatever little buds, I’ll put it in the jar, I’ll take the Everclear, I won’t fill it up all the way, I’ll cover the material with the Everclear liquid and maybe go above the material. This isn’t really going to matter too much, it’s more going to however much you use is going to affect your your cooking off time so that your evaporation time. So I try not to like overdo it. But I’ll cover the material and maybe go above it like a half inch or so. And then I’ll shake the shit out of that for about 30 seconds, maybe you really don’t even need to do it that long. Then I’ll take that, I’ll open up the jar, I’ll take the liquid out by basically just you can either from there pour into a coffee filter to separate everything. But what I like to do first is take something like a micron screen or something else, that’s not a coffee filter, I’ll run it through there just to get the biggest chunks out. And then I will take that liquid and run that through the coffee filter, just because the coffee filter is so fine, that the less particulate you have in there in that filter, the easier it’s going to be to run through the filter and drain and you’re not going to be sitting there once again for hours waiting for liquid to go through the coffee filter. Because there’s so much, you know, trichome heads or whatever that build up on the side of the filter key, you know, all little pieces of particular like I said. So if you can run it through a slightly bigger filter the first time before the coffee filter, it’ll do some favors. But if you want to go straight to the filter, you can. And basically, once it’s done running through there, you’re going to be left with a very clear green liquid. And you shouldn’t see anything really floating around in there, it should just be clear green. And then from there, there’s a few different choices you have, you can either put it in something like a crock pot, and put it on low and let that evaporate off. Which is what a lot of people do. I prefer not to do that. Just because it’s sitting still the entire time there’s going to be burning, that happens. It just doesn’t taste as well and it comes out darker that way. But it’s absolutely a way that can be done. The way I moved to is using a piece of wire equipment. It’s just called a hot plate with a magnetic stirrer.

Jordan River 37:41
Oh the magnetic stirrer! This thing is sick.

Rhizo Rich 37:45
It’s like 40 bucks on Amazon, you can get them between like 40-50 bucks. And all it does is it’s a little thing and it has speeds on it. So you’ll put the you do need like a 500 mL beaker like a glass beaker, you’ll put it on this hot plate, you’ll drop this little thing that comes with the hot plate and it’s the stir. It’s just like a little capsule of a keel looking thing. You drop it in there, you turn your hot plate on. So it gets you know warm, that’s going to help evaporate the alcohol off, but then you’ll turn the speed up. And it will continuously stir that green alcohol the entire time while it’s evaporating, which will keep it from burning. And it’ll help keep the color a little bit lighter, a little bit more prettier, you know, a little bit more gold.

Jordan River 38:29
And it keeps everything consistent. So that little pill has a piece of metal in it that’s causing it to spin and spin and spin.

Rhizo Rich 38:35
Yeah, and it just tastes better with the magnetic stirrer because it’s not all burnt up. So I do prefer using the magnetic stirrer, but you don’t necessarily have to. Also, you can just take the alcohol and pour it out into like a shallow dish and let it evaporate off, it’s going to take a long time, it might take a day, it might take a couple of days. The only thing that I would recommend if you’re going to go that route, I would maybe decarb your material before you do that, because with the hot plate magnetic, magnetic stirrer and the crock pot, you’re going to be heating that oil up and decarbing it as it’s evaporating alcohol off. So you’re kind of getting that process while it’s you’re doing that. Whereas if you just lay that alcohol free and alcohol out on a sheet to evaporate off, nothing ever had a chance to really decarb. I’m not saying you’re not going to get any benefit from it, but you’re gonna get you know, a lot more benefit if you discard that material before you decide to do that. So there’s a few ways you can you know, evaporate that alcohol off that are very simple. And from there, I just feel syringes off. You know, once it gets to the bottom, you’ll see you know, like a blackish or very dark colored oils on the bottom. You can pretty much tell that the the alcohols evaporated off. You won’t see a bunch of little bubbles. You shouldn’t smell a bunch of alcohol evaporating off, you don’t know it’s done. While it’s still warm and a little bit viscous is when I’ll take the syringes and fill it up. Because once it, you know, cools down, it’s going to be very hard to work with and not going to be able to suck it up in a syringe. But yeah, I mean, it’s it’s an extremely, extremely simple method, everybody has their own little ways of doing it. Like I said, the only thing I really do that’s maybe different is that first straining of the liquid go, you know, doing something a little bit bigger than a coffee filter, just so the coffee filter part goes a little bit quicker. But other than that, I mean, it’s a very straightforward way of doing it. If anybody’s interested in the hot plate that I use, specifically, you can DM me, I’ll send you the link. It only goes up to like, I can’t remember exactly it’s 200 and something degrees, but it’s like the perfect degrees for evaporating off and decarbing you know what I mean. It’s not going to cook off everything and f*** up your end products basically. You don’t want something that’s that like 400 degrees or something the entire time.

Jordan River 41:15
Yeah, scorching.

Rhizo Rich 41:17
Yes, exactly. So try to keep it you know, on, like I said, with the crock pot nice and low, or just something that’s, you know, not blazing boiling hot, but warm enough to evaporate alcohol because that Everclear is almost, it’s almost 100% alcohol so it evaporates extremely fast. If you leave the cap off the bottle, it’ll evaporate pretty fast.

Jordan River 41:41
So it doesn’t need much assistance, but you add a little bit of heat. And then do that magnetic stirrer is a f***ing dope trick, the magnetic stirrer and the Buchner funnel. You’re f***ing, you’re crushing it.

Rhizo Rich 41:53
You have those two things, you can really do a lot of stuff with your leftover material, like you said, instead of just sitting in the freezer, you can make Bubble Hash, you could make rosin, you can make RSO, you know stuff for edibles. There’s just so much stuff you could do with that material and not really need a lot of equipment.

Jordan River 42:11
I like the tips, dude and yeah, that magnetic stirrer trips me out. That’s a cool thing. I’m sure the audience is loving that. Yeah, so the FECO you’re always crushing it with the FECO man, I have to say, once again, you’ve given out so much of that stuff. You got not a lot of flower, too. But, um, but that FECO. I know you’re really helping people so good on you, man. I see it, I recognize it, every you know, people in the community see it.

Rhizo Rich 42:32
I appreciate it, man. I mean, you know, like you’re saying, if you got all that material later on, you might as well use it. And I mean, I’ve had bags and bags full of trim that I’ll never use, and I’d rather see it be used up for somebody that needs and sitting around, you know, going to waste or oxidizing or sitting in a freezer, and I’m gonna get complained at every two weeks. It’s taking up space. So..

Jordan River 43:00
Now you just made a good point. You know, we’ve been talking about like reusing your fan leaves and all the minerals that are in there and all these things. And that’s what got me thinking about this episode, which is a lot of growers don’t even utilize their sugar leaves. They’re like me, and they stick them in the freezer where they were, you know, f***ing later. Now, we have one more thing here at the end. This is this is kind of a hot take. Pardon the pun, Rich. Can I give my hot take?

Rhizo Rich 43:26

Jordan River 43:27
I think most people way, way overcomplicate canna butter.

Rhizo Rich 43:33
I do too.

Jordan River 43:34
I think that if you make it perfectly, then there’s like a difference to my method. But for me, I make canna butter fast, bro. I do not do the all day thing. I don’t need a magical butter machine. I don’t need any of that shit. I simply simmer, a super low simmer my ground up material that’s been decarboxylated you know, pre decarboxylated on the stove in a skillet with my melted butter, and I get a low simmer going for about 30 minutes. And then my shits done, bro. That’s how I do it. A lot of people will push back and say, I really think it’s the best method because okay, so here’s what you’re worried about. Here’s why people don’t do that, right. Is because if you raise the temperature too much, you’re gonna cook off all the good THC and all the terpenes and all of the good beneficial compounds.

Rhizo Rich 44:25

Jordan River 44:26
So my thing is, though, you can kind of see that happening. I don’t know if you’ve gotten that boil a little bit too high and you’re watching it. You can see that steam..

Rhizo Rich 44:34
Yeah, you need to know when you’re when and when not to cross that line. And as long as you have that eye for it, you’ll be alright I agree.

Jordan River 44:41
Exactly. I would love to make a video on it so I can show exactly what it looks like. But to describe it an audio it’s basically as low of a simmer as you can possibly get. Like that is how I would describe it. It’s simmering, but if it were simmering any less it would be still, if that makes sense.

Rhizo Rich 44:57
I know exactly what you’re talking about, dude.

Jordan River 44:59
For me, it’s on my stove. My gas stove is on low, so it’s perfect.

Rhizo Rich 45:03
Yeah, I’m just gonna say basically putting it on low and waiting for it to come to a simmer, which is gonna take forever.

Jordan River 45:09
Yes, 100%. And then once it’s got that simmer 25 minutes, 30 minutes in there, and you’re done, run that shit through cheesecloth and strain it out. Now, when it comes to a mount, I have been, I feel like I get mine fully saturated. But I’ve been using less than most people use. For me, I would take a pound of butter, which is four sticks, right? Like you buy a pound from the store. And I would add either an ounce of shake, or a half ounce of flower.

Rhizo Rich 45:36

Jordan River 45:36
What I’ve seen online is that people use an ounce of flower to six sticks of butter, a pound and a half. So that’s more than I’m using. But I get away with a half ounce into four sticks. And I don’t see a problem with it. So that’s, that’s what I recommend people try to start with, maybe maybe it’s better to use more, though. And I was using homegrown as well, right?

Rhizo Rich 45:57
Yeah, you probably have some good.

Jordan River 45:59
So like, how much does it take to fill that fat molecule? I don’t know. I’m sure someone out there smarter than me does know. But if I was making butter for the first time, and I was a listener, I would try with a half ounce of flower, or an ounce of shake. Because you know, worst comes to worst you beef it and it’s not that much that you always need more. Yeah, you can always add more next time. Now adding too much is going to be a waste because fat can only hold so much THC. And also it just kind of becomes a mess in that skillet. It’s like so much material that it can’t simmer. It’s almost just like sitting there in a pile. So that’s, that’s my basic advice. But don’t be fooled by these expensive butter machines, by these all day crock pot recipes. You don’t need this. Simmer it, simmer it for 30 minutes, just give it a try. What do you think, Rich? Am I setting people up for burnt butter? Or is this a decent quick butter hack?

Rhizo Rich 46:53
No, I think you explained it great. I mean, I think there’s a lot of variables in there too. Like you said whether it’s some homegrown or it’s some mediocre shit you got from the dispensary. You know so quantity is going to be kind of dependent upon that and I do agree that I would start out lower to begin with to just so you can titrate yourself up and kind of see from there what’s working for you and what’s not, you know.

Jordan River 47:15
Yeah, I was surprised when I saw people saying an ounce of flower into six sticks of butter, that’s a lot of flower. And I was getting pretty good results. I never tested my edibles to see if you know what the specific dosage or anything like that.

Rhizo Rich 47:27
Make some rosin butter yet. That’s how I’ve been making it lately. I’ve just been skipping the whole material thing all around and just using concentrate.

Jordan River 47:35
Oh, that’s killer, dude. So that’s, that’s what it seems like a lot of the pros are doing. So you’re saying these people, they take their flower, they fresh freeze it, they wash it into Bubble Hash, they press that Bubble Hash into rosin. And then they take that rosin and infuse it into edibles. That’s a lot of, that is the pro method, bro.

Rhizo Rich 47:51
But it’s definitely Pro and it’ll you won’t get any like that plant material taste with your edibles when you do it that way. That’s why I like it. So if you’re not like a fan of the quote unquote weed taste. I mean, you’ll still get it you know, from the terpenes and chip, but it’s not gonna be as strong as if you use like, trim or flower or something, you know, but it is quite the process if you’re doing it from scratch.

Jordan River 48:15
Yeah, man, that is a long one. And it turns out really, really good. I think a lot of the reason why a lot of people like to do it is a like you said, the flavor hook like normal butter. Yeah, just like normal butter. My shit is green. And it stinks.

Rhizo Rich 48:28
Yeah. I know exactly what you mean.

Jordan River 48:31
So yeah, so that’s the first thing. And then the second thing is, I guess it makes it really, really easy to dose, right?

Rhizo Rich 48:37
I can see that because you have a gram, which is usually around 1000 milligrams they say.

Jordan River 48:44
There you go, man. That’s what I’m talking about. And then they just take this little bit, they add it where they need it as opposed to like, okay, let me grab my ounce of flower. It’s just a big ingredient for recipe in the kitchen.

Rhizo Rich 48:54
You make a good point, it is a lot easier to figure out milligrams and dosage with a concentrate. And that is very, very good point.

Jordan River 49:03
I think that’s one of the reasons a lot of us people like to take it to the rosin stage first. So that’s a good piece of advice, man, anyone who’s already pressing rosin, that is, Hey, you want to make some edibles, you want to make some brownies, don’t f*** with the with the shake, you can actually use that rosin, you’ll be better off so that’s pretty interesting, man. Pretty interesting stuff. You can just eat rosin though, right? Can I just eat the rosin? Because butter my toast with rosin that…

Rhizo Rich 49:30
Me so tasty.

Jordan River 49:32
We had a friend whose dog would just lick up if you left her your rosin container out in open he would just and the poor little thing would get all f***ed up. And I know a dog’s digestive system is probably a bit different than humans. But I knew a dog that you had to watch your grandma’s around because he would slurp them right up.

Rhizo Rich 49:50
Oh man, he was into it. He loved those flavors.

Jordan River 49:53
After the terps, dude. He was chasing the terps. Poor thing made himself sick. So there you go, everybody. You gotta get rid of that trim before your dog eats it, before your wife yells at you and find a good use for it. F***ing grab those bubble bags you’ve been thinking about, post, tag us, say hey I was inspired to try it for the first time or if you don’t want to take the leap to the bubble bag, anybody can make butter. It will be done in an hour. Just look up the decarboxylation process where you you heat your weed before you start, simmer it in some butter, you’re gonna be good to go or just go with the f***ing alcohol you know either a FECO like a delicious Rhizo Rich FECO or an easy stem tincture. I want to see what you guys come up with with this episode. So easy extractions, get that shake out of the f***ing freezer. That’s my call to action, listeners.

Rhizo Rich 50:42
Neither do I.

Jordan River 50:42
Use It up, baby.

Rhizo Rich 50:44
Give some out or whatever, you know. People are always stoked to get some RSO or something from you know from. Yeah.

Jordan River 50:49
Totally. So Rich, what else is going on, man? Before we wrap this episode, this was a dope exploration. I’d really like these more utilitarian episodes with you where we just sit down with the home growers and say like, hey, five things to increase your yield, mistakes to avoid I think was our last one, easy extraction method. I love these episodes. But let’s wrap it up with the Rhizo Rich update. Anything else going on? Are you popping more seeds anytime soon? Like, just tell me what’s going on in the garden?

Rhizo Rich 51:14
Yeah, so right now with the big hunt like we talked about, I got those, those three males that are really catching my eye. You know, like I talked about with the females from the cookie Truffle Shuffle, and then the Cookie Storm. So far stuff that I made. But also there’s a Key Lime Pie Gelato from Slaughter Genetics of female that’s really been catching my eye. That one’s just absolutely amazing smelling and once again as beautiful structure, stunning like double serrated, you know fan leaves, so just everything about it is catching my eye. I’m actually super stoked I popped to see to that because it was just one seed their femz and I almost didn’t pop them but I figured since I got I think I got three or four finos of caper Purple’s key lime pie going as well in this hunt. I figured I might as well add one of those in as well just because and I know the members actually picked that one for me to to include in the hunt so I wanted to make sure it was in there.

Jordan River 52:18
F*** yeah, bro. Those all sound amazing, that Slaughter Genetics sounds great.

Rhizo Rich 52:22
Yeah, I’ll be very curious to see how they turn out because I love key lime pie and just crossed the gelato should be interesting and in all around different. Also the Pure Michigan didomi, I wish I could remember who the breeder was.

Jordan River 52:36
I know who that is. That’s Big Pond Genetics.

Rhizo Rich 52:40
There you go.

Jordan River 52:41
Everything dyno is Big Pond Genetics. I haven’t even reached out to this guy but people brought his seeds to my meetup. And I was like what is this dyno meat, dyno taint, dyno..

Rhizo Rich 52:47
Dyno taint? Are you kidding me?

Jordan River 52:48
He has one called dyno day.

Rhizo Rich 52:57
That’s awesome. So yeah, man, I’m I’m really digging the Pure Michigan dyno meat. Just so you know, so far as looks go. Oh, once again. It’s like Super Double serais it just looks like a dinosaur. I have two thinos and both of them look like dinosaur type plants just huge, huge fan leaves. And just all around cool looking plants. So not just stuff for me this hunt that I’m excited about. There’s a lot of other stuff from other breeders too that I’m super excited about. So..

Jordan River 53:28
Yeah, buddy. I can’t wait. I can’t wait. Follow Rhizo Rich on Instagram. Don’t follow the scammer. What’s your correct f***in IG handle bro?

Rhizo Rich 53:38
Yeah, it should be rhizo_richicc.

Jordan River 53:43
Just one underscore after Rhizo, that’s it. Don’t fall for the f***ing scam page. I follow the real page. I do not follow the scam page. They blocked me. But most importantly everyone, You can check out Seed Co, you can check out the membership where we’re hanging in Discord every single day. That’s where it’s at. So I appreciate you guys supporting out there. I appreciate you guys supporting Rich. This has been a crazy ride man and GrowCast Seed Co is getting better and better every year. The shit you dropped just continues to absolutely amaze me and the members. So keep up your good work, man. We’re here to support.

Rhizo Rich 54:16
I appreciate it, man. Like I’ve said before, I tried every new project in my head should be better than the last. So that’s what I shoot for and I really appreciate everybody’s support and your support and all that man, couldn’t do it without y’all so..

Jordan River 54:30
Goddamn right. All right, well let you get back into the f***ing garden, bro. You go have some fun and you listeners go and grab that bag of trim out of the freezer and utilize it. Thank you for listening. Show us your extractions, whatever you make, tag us, give out your shit to some sick people, to some elderly people. And I can’t wait to see you guys whip up. One more time, thank you Rich, you’re the man.

Rhizo Rich 54:52
Thank you and thank you to the listeners, members, everybody. I hope everybody has an awesome week, weekend. You know whatever this is released.

Jordan River 55:01
You got it, man, you got it YouTube buddy and you listeners stay tuned. Get on the green list. We’re gonna start firing that one up again. We’re sending out stuff occasionally but we got some stuff plan. And don’t miss the next few episodes. Stay tuned everybody. This is Rhizo Rich and Jordan River signing off saying be safe out there and grow smarter

Rhizo Rich 55:20
Later on.

That’s our show. Thank you so much for tuning in everybody. Before we wrap it up, of course, I encourage you to check out everything we’re doing at We’ve got GrowCast Seed Co up there, grab some Rhizo Rich packs, there’s some vaulted packs. So grab those are gone. Once they’re off the site, they’re gone forever. We release a few a handful once and unbolt them if we can scrape them up. So Seed Co offerings on tap, membership is open, come and jump in. We are accepting members. We’re having fun at the Order of Cultivation, discounts, prizes, hundreds of hours of bonus content, community. It’s a good time, it’s good time. And of course check out all our amazing classes, including Pestapalooza, we will be in Long Island next so check it out at Me and Matthew Gates. It’s an all day pest fest. And we’re coming to Li hydro. Shout out to Li hydro. Thank you and I’ll see you soon East Coast. Alright everyone that’s it for today. I gotta run, we’ll see you next time. Be safe out there. Bye bye.

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